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Creative Commonwealth

What We Do.

We provide an online breathing space for photographers to freely share all of their challenges, experiences, and stories so they can grow, develop confidence, and impact others.

Community Values

Mutual Concern we all help as many people as we can 

Openness we're honest, vulnerable, and share everything 

Respect we're all equally valuable and deserve to be treated like it

Curiosity we're fueled by others experiences, stories, and challenges

Innovation we try new things and aren't afraid of others stealing our ideas

Citizenship we embody the five previous values when in this community

Does This Sound Like You?

"I want to gain confidence in my abilities as a photographer"

"I'm stuck and I don't trust myself to make hard decisions"

"I'm tired of photographers who won't share their secrets"

"I want to know how others are running their businesses"

"I want to know if I'm taking the right steps"


Why You Should Join

🚀Experience exclusive events, focus groups, and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.

🍻Meet photographers in your same specialty who live near you and who are committed to meeting their goals and seeing you reach yours.

💬 Get answers to questions about personal development, business strategies, client experience, innovating your photography and how others do things.

💡Swap photography processes, stories, experiences, and ideas.

🙌 Daily inspiration to keep you energized and motivated when you feel like quitting. 

Community Features

䷤Focus Groups for photographers to go deeper on specific subjects

🎓Instant Access to two Online courses with discussion groups 

📱Free Smart Phone App so you can access our community at any time

👉Exclusive Access To Live Video And F2F Events with other members 

🌟Daily Answers To Burning Questions from real photographers who've already been through it

Who Is Creative Commonwealth?

Mark Maya l Community Visionary and Mastermind Leader

Creative Commonwealth founder Mark Maya is a visionary. A grandson of a Palestinian refugee who taught him resilience, the value of helping others and seeing things through. Born and raised in NC mountains, his family taught him that struggles were a normal part of life and that sometimes all you have is family.  After graduating with degrees in Special Education (BS) and Educational Media Production (MA) from Appalachian State University, he started innovating new ways to serve others through art and education. Before that Mark found his early calling as an NCAA D1 wrestler, Marine Corp OIF veteran, and public school teacher.   Creative Commonwealth was founded 10 years later, as a step towards leading the new economy of photographers that will bring about positive change and provide a passion-led tribe for others to grow from.

Krista Little l Focus Group Leader

I guide and empower females from behind the lens to feel badass.  Being a woman is beautifully-complex, especially in the 21st century! The unrealistic body images plastered throughout beauty magazines and the Pinterest-perfect lives on Instagram all leads to constant unhealthy comparisons.  I'm here to help!

Michael Stewart Patrick l Focus Group Leader

I help photographers give their clients heartfelt experiences.  I have a BFA in fine art photography from Central Michigan University.  I work with my wife Brooke, dog Desi, and studio manager Al.  We shoot creative/weird/magical senior portraits, weddings, and families.  I have one of the worst memories you will probably run into in someone less than 75 years old, and while I want to feel like a cool person...you can usually find me dancing to the songs in my head like the photo above.  Let's build something magical!

Ana Teresa Galizes l Focus Group Leader

I'm here to help you craft meaningful written and visual communication to attract your ideal clients/target audience.  When I'm not doing photography, I like to go on nature walks with my husband and our dog, visit cities and countries where I've never been, and be in the front row at rock concerts.

Christian Lemons l Focus Group Leader

I am here to guide my fellow community members to live a fearless and positive life. Converging to share our struggles and triumphs while finding the magic and lessons in everything we face! Life is not always easy but when we shift our mindset to focus on the good, life and business becomes so much easier. I am passionate about helping others feel inspired to see the positive side of life. Let's grow together!

Claudia Wolff Focus Group Leader

I’m a fun-loving introvert who doesn't take life too seriously and loves helping photographers who struggle with mental illness. Living with mental illness can cause one to put on a façade while pretending everything is okay. That said, it’s necessary to have a safe space in which to vent and find support. I’m here for you! So, what are you waiting for?  

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